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For a complete listing of all courses with the NEUROSCI subject code (primary and cross-listed neuroscience courses) and all other neuroscience-related (“allied”) courses, download this PDF

Detailed Course Listing

For information on which NEUROSCI courses are currently available and planned for the next term, click here or in the gray box to the right.

If you are wondering how to get started in the Neuroscience major — and you are not in the Exploring the Mind Focus program — the best place to start is with our open gateway course:

NEUROSCI 101 Biological Basis of Behavior.

This gateway course is typically available in both the fall and spring semesters as well as occasional summer terms. Please note that discussion sections will be offered along with the lecture in the fall and spring, but not in the summer.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the core courses before their senior year. Our core courses for the major and minor are typically offered as follows:

NEUROSCI 201 Fundamentals of Neuroscience

For most students, this should be the first of the three core courses that are taken following the gateway. It will be offered in the spring of 2014 (Bilbo). Typically, this class will be offered on an alternating schedule of once per year, then twice the following year, and so on.

NEUROSCI 211 Brain and Behavior — typically offered every fall.

NEUROSCI 212 Cognitive Neuroscience — typically offered every spring. However this will be offered summer session 1, 2014.

NEUROSCI 223 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology — typically offered every spring (N. Sherwood, P. Volkan).

Also note that our capstone seminar course is available every spring:

NEUROSCI 499 Current Research in Neuroscience