DIBS Workshop: Reading the Past: Mind, Brain, and Archaeology

This workshop aims to open new perspectives in the study of the past and in the interpretation of the ancient and modern mind by approaching research questions at the intersection between the brain sciences, humanities, archaeology, anthropology and visual studies: what kind of relationship is there between the brain and symbolic actions? What is the cognitive meaning of visual patterns and narrative in prehistoric societies, and how can this affect cultural transmission across different generations? How can we study cognitive universals in archaeology and the neurosciences? Can a new multidisciplinary approach involving the brain sciences and cognitive archaeology create a new discipline? We will embrace cross-disciplinary contributions concerning embodiment and enaction in visual models, the role of symbolism and material culture in early complex societies, and the interpretation of visual patterns and memes in cultural transmission through an exploration of perception and behavior, simulation, and the application of new technological tools.

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Meeting registration will begin at 8:30 am

This workshop was co-organized by Maurizio Forte, Michael Platt and Elizabeth Johnson

Thursday, April 10, 2014

08:30AM - 06:00PM


FHI Garage, Smith Warehouse Bay 4
This event is on campus.


DIBS, Art, Art History & Visual Studies & Classical Studies