2016-2017 Research Incubator Awards

New Awards

Investigators Title
Merideth Addicott (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences), Greg Appelbaum (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences), Timothy Strauman (Psychology & Neuroscience), Bruce Luber (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) Repeated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) modulation of insula-based functional connectivity
Niccolò Terrando (Anesthesiology), Warren Grill (Biomedical Engineering), Christina Williams (Psychology & Neuroscience), Chay Kuo (Cell Biology), Miles Berger (Anesthesiology) Bioelectronic Medicine and Cholinergic Regulation of Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction
Richard Mooney (Neurobiology), Cagla Eroglu (Cell Biology), Debra Silver (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology) Neurogenesis and Behavioral Recovery in Animal Models of Huntington’s Disease
Kevin LaBar (Psychology & Neuroscience), Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Philosophy), Nancy Zucker (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) The nature of disgust: An interdisciplinary inquiry
Yiyang Gong (Biomedical Engineering), Fan Wang (Neurobiology) Building a Fiber-Integrated Microscope System for Two-Color Optogenetic Probing of Ensemble Activity in Freely Behaving Animal


Continuation Awards

Investigators Title
Warren Grill (Biomedical Engineering), Ru-Rong Ji (Anesthesiology), Nandan Lad (Surgery) Optimized Temporal Patterns of Spinal Cord Stimulation to Treat Chronic Pain
Felipe De Brigard (Philosophy), Kevin LaBar (Psychology & Neuroscience), M. Zachary Rosenthal (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) The Power of Imagination
Cameron R. ‘Dale’ Bass (Biomedical Engineering), Mohamed Abou-Donia (Pharmacology & Cancer Biology), Carolyn Pizoli (Pediatrics), Carrie Muh (Surgery), Bruce Capehart (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences), Mustafa Bashir (Radiology) Pediatric neurotrauma