Excellence, Diversity & Inclusion

A statement by the Duke faculty, Provost, and President

Photo courtesy of Duke University Hospital Facebook page

To achieve our mission and meet the needs of a rapidly changing world, Duke strives to create a climate of collaboration, creativity, and innovation within  and across disciplines.  Our success depends upon the robust exchange of ideas – an exchange that flourishes best when the rich diversity of human knowledge, perspectives, and experiences is heard.  We nonetheless acknowledge that our policies and practices have often failed to ensure equality of participation within our community.  Our renewed commitment and responsibility to one another is articulated in the following statement.

The DIBS Commitment to Equity & Inclusion

DIBS serves a large and diverse group of Duke faculty and students. During 2017-2018, we began increasing our support for seminars and symposia on timely topics relevant to increasing diversity and translating that diversity into authentic inclusion in neuroscience, as well as science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Since then, we have created a more formal annual program, “Inclusion & Power Dynamics in Academia,” with support from the Duke Office for Faculty Advancement. Each semester, there is a series of programs and workshops designed for faculty, students, and staff to learn more about equity issues. For more information on programming, see Diversity, Inclusion & Power Dynamics. See also the DIBS "Statement of Solidarity."  

Duke University Community Commitment

Because diversity is essential to fulfilling the university’s mission, Duke is committed to building an inclusive and diverse university community.  Every student, faculty, and staff member —whatever their race, gender, age, ethnicity, cultural heritage or nationality; religious or political beliefs; sexual orientation or gender identity; or socioeconomic, veteran or ability status—has the right to inclusion, respect, agency and voice in the Duke community.  Further, all members of the University community have a responsibility to uphold these values and actively foster full participation in university life.