External Advisory Board

External Advisory Board
Steve Lisberger, Professor and Chair, Neurobiology, presents to the DIBS External Advisory Board about the School of Medicine’s Translating Duke Health initiative.

DIBS receives guidance and vital funding support from our External Advisory Board (EAB), a group of volunteers with strong ties to Duke and the neurosciences. During 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, the EAB's generosity made it possible for DIBS to give an additional, sixth, Research Incubator Award; hold the Autism Awareness Month events in April; support the Wrenn Graduate Fellow in Alzheimer's Disease Research; and support student travel to professional conferences.

Advisory Board Members

Chip Newton, Chair
James Barrett
Alice Bender
Joe Burnett
Michele Cascardi
Stacey Coulter
Andrew Feinberg
Alex Geier
Bethann Horey
Peter Kanaris
Sophie Katz
George Lamb
Robert Penn, Chair Emeritus
James Schwab
Katherine Shah
Lawrence Stoehr
Harry Stylli
Sonya Wakil