In addition to our Director and Associate Directors, the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences is fortunate to have a talented cadre of faculty and external advisers who lead and support our activities.

Interim Director

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Associate Directors

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Director of Graduate Studies, Cognitive Neuroscience Admitting Program

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Faculty Advisory Committee

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External Advisory Board

DIBS receives guidance and vital funding support from our External Advisory Board (EAB), a group of volunteers with strong ties to Duke and the neurosciences.  

Advisory Board Members

Currently, the EAB includes 16 members from across fields including medicine, science and technology, and business, and two recent Duke undergrads.

Chip Newton, chair

James Barrett

Scott Barton

Alice Bender

Joe Burnett

Stacey Coulter, MD

Jack Dale, MD

Andrew Feinberg, MD

Alex Geier

Bethann Horey

Kyra Hoskin

George Lamb

Caroline Martinez, MD

Robert Penn, chair emeritus

James Schwab

Harry Stylli, PhD

Sonya Wakil, MD


We're always eager to welcome new members to our EAB. If you're interested in joining the team, please contact Morgan Pope, the Director of Interdisciplinary Development:

Goals for new EAB members at DIBS

  • Passionate about STEM education, workforce development, and inspiring the next generation of neuroscientists, psychiatrists, surgeons, engineers, policy makers and poets.
  • Contribute to the board's diversity.
  • Willing to contribute intellectually and philanthropically.
  • Exemplify and support a range of career trajectories for our students, including industry, nonprofits, government service.