The Duke Institute for Brain Sciences undertook a comprehensive planning process during the 2017-2018 academic year. We solicited input from faculty, students, and staff through nine Town Halls and via the DIBS website. The newly created Faculty Governance Committee reviewed and synthesized the information received regarding the future of DIBS. The result was the Strategic Plan 2018-2021, "Blueprint for Advancing Brain Sciences at Duke". The Plan continues to provide excellent guidance on how best to focus DIBS efforts and leverage resources.

The Strategic Plan includes Mission and Vision statements, plus four Strategic Goals. The Plan also captures DIBS in three compelling phrases:

  • Connecting Minds
  • Advancing Neuroscience
  • Improving Lives


The mission of DIBS is to promote interdisciplinary brain science and translate discoveries into solutions for health and society.


Our vision is a scientific and scholarly community that makes neuroscience greater than the sum of its parts by integrating schools, disciplines, and levels of analysis and education to accelerate breakthroughs and benefit society.

Strategic Goals

  • Build bridges that foster engagement, increase diversity, and promote interdisciplinary learning and collaboration in the brain sciences at Duke. 
  • Promote excellent interdisciplinary neuroscience education for all levels of learning and analysis. 
  • Catalyze interdisciplinary neuroscience research to transform our understanding of brain function.
  • Partner with a wide range of community stakeholders to increase the impact of interdisciplinary brain science to benefit society.