DIBS Seminars

We invite you to attend our upcoming seminars, presented by the Center on Addiction & Behavior Change at Duke.

Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held on Tuesdays, Noon-1 in the DIBS multipurpose room, B035 LSRC. (308 Research Drive; Parking is available in the Bryan Student Center Garage.)


January 31, 2017: “Nicotine Through the Ages,” presented by Ed Levin, Duke University

Feb 7, 2017: “Opiate Addiction Treatment in a Criminal Justice Setting,” presented by Allison Robertson, Duke University

Feb 21, 2017: “How to make our scientific knowledge relevant to public policy,” Policy Bridge Workshop. 12-2p.m., Duke University

February 21, 2017: “Mental Health: A First Responder’s Perspective,” Center CIT forum, co-sponsored by Bass Connections Brain and Society and Duke Student NAMI chapter. 6p.m-7:30p.m., Griffith Theater, Bryan Student Center

Mar 14, 2017: “Epidemiology and Addiction,” presented by Apostolos Alexandridis, UNC

March 28, 2017: “What do brain structures associated with extinction learning have to do with PTSD and later addictions?” presented by Michael De Bellis, Duke University

April 11, 2017: “Translational studies on cocaine’s effects on mother infant dyads,” presented by Josephine Johns, UNC

April 18, 2017: “The addiction “scene” around North Carolina: Community Perspectives,” presented by the Bass Connections “Opiate Outreach” Team led by Nicole Schramm-Sapyta and Andrew Muzyk

May, 2017 Symposium: “Tackling the Final Few: Getting to Cessation from Light Smoking”


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