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Feb 20

Joshua A. Gordon, MD, PhD, Director, National Institute of Mental Health

2019 DIBS Distinguished Lecture & Symposium, Feb. 20, Penn Pavilion
Mar 1

Amitai Shenhav, Brown University; CCN Colloquium Series

Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Control
Mar 1

Damian Stanley, PhD, Adelphi University; Inclusion & Power Dynamics Series

Understanding the Neuroscience of Implicit Bias
Mar 4

Howard Francis, MD, MBA; Cognitive, Auditory, and Neural Bases of Language and Speech Seminar

Cochlear Implantation Across the Lifespan
Mar 14

NC STEM PhD Student Networking Opportunity & Info Session about BWF Diversity in Science Grants

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Graduate Diversity Networking Event
Mar 22

Abigail Baird, Vassar College; CCN Colloquium Series

Adolescent Brains and Criminal Responsibility

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