Cognitive neuroscience is by its nature interdisciplinary, and addresses longstanding questions about brain and mind from new perspectives that cut across traditional intellectual and departmental boundaries. The Center for Cognitive Neuroscience research focuses on perception, attention, memory, language, emotion, decision making, social interaction, morality, motor control, executive function, and the evolution and development of mental processes.

To advance this agenda, the CCN and its activities bring together faculty from multiple schools in the University, including Arts & Sciences, Medical School, Pratt School of Engineering, and Fuqua Business School, representing the Departments of Psychology & Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Psychiatry, Biomedical Engineering, Philosophy, Evolutionary Anthropology, Computer Science, Linguistics, Neurology, Radiology, Finance, and Marketing.

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The Duke Institute for Brain Sciences is a scientific institute with a collaborative spirit and a commitment to education, service and knowledge across disciplines. We encourage creativity, taking risks, sharing ideas and working together.


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