DIBS Administration

Allen Song, Ph.D.

Interim Director


(919) 684-1215

Dr. Song is the director of the Duke-UNC Brain Imaging Analysis Center and a professor of radiology, psychiatry, neurobiology and biomedical engineering who has degrees in engineering and biophysics and did a postdoctoral fellowship in neuroscience at the National Institutes of Health. As a member of DIBS since its inception, he has served on the Institute’s chairs and director’s advisory council and received a DIBS Research Incubator Award.


Elizabeth (Zab) Johnson, Ph.D.

Associate Director


(919) 613-5020

Dr. Johnson is the associate director of DIBS and an assistant research professor of neurobiology at the Duke University School of Medicine. She received her undergraduate degree from Mount Holyoke College, where she studied psychobiology and music. She earned her Ph.D. at the Center for Neural Science at New York University under the guidance of Robert Shapley, and she completed her postdoctoral training with David Fitzpatrick in the Department of Neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center. 


Amanda Archambeau

Financial Systems


(919) 668-6091

Amanda operates financial systems for the DIBS. She provides financial and accounting support for DIBS and the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and serves as the Buy@Duke and TRaC representatives for the Institute, as well as assisting with expense files and financial reporting.


Victor Gordon

Finance & Operations


(919) 613-5012

Victor Gordon manages finance & operations for DIBS. He operates as the business manager for DIBS and oversees day-to-day financial responsibilities, sponsored research activity, personnel management and facilities associated with the Institute and its constituent centers. Before coming to DIBS, Victor served as the grants and contracts specialist for Duke’s Department of Neurobiology.


Tyler Lee

Undergraduate Student Services


(919) 684-9671

Tyler Lee provides undergraduate student services for DIBS' Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience. She is responsible for coordinating independent study and graduation with distinction applications, assisting in summer undergraduate neuroscience programs at Duke. Other duties include academic advising support and primary point of contact for all current and prospective neuroscience undergraduates.


Diane Masters

Research Development


(919) 681-9554

Diane Masters is the lead grants administrator for the DIBS and its constituent centers. She administers the grant portfolios of DIBS, the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and the Duke Center for Interdisciplinary Decision Sciences faculty, postdocs and graduate students. She helps to identify funding opportunities, prepare competitive proposals and manage awards.


Minna Ng, Ph.D.

Educational Strategies & Community Partnerships


(919) 684-6881

Dr. Ng advises, teaches and develops curricular assessments for Duke's Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience. She helps foster collaborative partnerships between DIBS and community organizations. Dr. Ng has a faculty appointment at DIBS. She studied biology at The City College of New York and earned her Ph.D. in psychology investigating the neural correlates of visual perception at UC San Diego.


Julie Rhodes

Creative Strategy & Public Relations


(919) 613-5014

Julie Rhodes directs creative strategy and public relations for DIBS and its constituent groups, including the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, Duke Center for Interdisciplinary Decision Science, Duke's Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience, and the Graduate Cognitive Neuroscience Admitting Program. Her work for the Institute includes managing overall branding, overseeing web and print collateral, and serving as media liaison and development associate. Julie formerly served as development and communications associate for the North Carolina Science Festival. 


Craig Dane Roberts, Ph.D.

Learning Innovations and Global Programs


(919) 613-5027

Dr. Roberts leads the adoption of advanced education technologies and strategies – focusing on scalable practices informed by the cognitive sciences. He also leads global programs by identifying external areas of need that align with internal research strengths, and developing intercontinental educational programs on top of this base of activity. Dr. Roberts holds a faculty appointment at DIBS. At the University of Miami, he earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience where he studied sensory detection mechanisms with Stephen Roper and Nirupa Chaudhari. He then came to Duke to receive post doctoral training in the Neurobiology Department where he studied the neural coding of sensory information. 


Trina Rodriguez

Programs & Center Coordination; Assistant to the Director


(919) 668-2512

Trina Rodriguez serves as program coordinator and special assistant to the director and associate director of DIBS. She provides overall management and implementation of activities for all DIBS centers and research group events such as seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences and facility tours. In addition, Trina is also the point person for working with constituent center and research group faculty directors.


Nicole Schramm-Sapyta, Ph.D.

Co-curricular Student Programs & Bass Connections


(919) 684-5187

Dr. Schramm-Sapyta is a visiting assistant professor in DIBS. She received her Ph.D. in pharmacology from Vanderbilt University. She is fascinated by the bidirectional nature of the effect of our brains on behavior and therefore society, and society’s effects on our brains through our own and others’ behaviors. One of her life goals is to take neuroscience knowledge and make it relevant to everyone. Teaching classes on drug addiction and leading students with the Bass Connections program help her work toward this goal. Another lifelong goal is to help young people find their calling in life. To this end, her work with Bass Connections, co-curricular student programs, and as an advisor to neuroscience majors and first-year students is immensely satisfying. 


Tanya Schreiber

Graduate Education & Event Planning


(919) 684-3422

Tanya Schreiber serves as program coordinator and assistant to the director of graduate studies for the Cognitive Neuroscience Admitting Program (CNAP). For CNAP, Tanya coordinates the admissions process, manages policy and financial issues and serves as a liaison between the graduate school and current students. She also assists the course directors of Cognitive Neuroscience I and II as well as the Brain and Behavior class for the School of Medicine.


Cindy Sherwood

Undergraduate Education & Alumni Relations


(919) 684-9671

Coordinating undergraduate neuroscience education and alumni relations, Cindy Sherwood manages many aspects of the neuroscience major such as course management, student, advising, and other initiatives such as Neurohumanities in Paris. Cindy brings with her many years of experience in higher education from Colgate University in NY.


Lynnette Thacker

Grants & Contracts


(919) 681-9713

Lynnette Thacker is the post-award grants administrator for DIBS and its constituent centers. She administers the post-award portfolios for DIBS and the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.


Kisan Upadhaya

Information Technology User Support 


(919) 684-1227

Kisan Upadhaya provides information technology user support to multiple departments at Duke, including DIBS and the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. Kisan began working at Duke as an information systems specialist for Duke University Medical Center, followed by an IT project manager position with Aramark Corporation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Linda Watkins

Human Resources


(919) 681-0658

Linda Watkins is responsible for ensuring that the Institute's hiring is in compliance with Duke's human resources and payroll policies and procedures. She processes all new hires (postdoctoral fellows, associates in research, staff and undergraduate students) and any personnel changes, tracks how this affects grants, and is responsible for working with Duke Visa Services to secure visas for international researchers. Linda previously worked with the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and has 25 years of work experience at Duke.


Yimin Wei, Ph.D.

Information Technology Strategy & Management


(919) 660-0489

Dr. Wei provides help desk support, desktop support and server support for computer equipment and has also served as a liaison between end users and OIT and DHTS. He serves as west campus team leader for the University Institutes and Centers Information Technology Support Group, which serves CCN, DIBS, and the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. Dr. Wei received his Ph.D. in Engineering from North Carolina State University. 


Leonard E. White, Ph.D.

DIBS Education


(919) 613-5028

Dr. White facilitates the development and implementation of the educational mission at DIBS. He has a faculty appointment in the Department of Community and Family Medicine, Physical Therapy Division and the Department of Neurobiology, and he is a senior fellow in the Duke Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development. Dr. White received his Ph.D. in neural biology from Washington University where he studied the functional anatomy of neural circuitry in the ‘limbic’ forebrain. He then came to Duke and received postdoctoral training in the Department of Neurobiology where he studied lateral asymmetry in the human sensorimotor system and the organization of neural circuits in the visual cortex for pattern and motion discrimination. Dr. White's research interests encompass the development of functional neural circuits in the cerebral cortex and the impact of sensory experience and neurological disease on brain structure and function. 

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