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Exercise and Mental Health
Team Leaders: Kimberly McNally, Nancy Zucker

Exercise As a Therapy for Cognitive Aging and Alzheimer's Disease
Team Leaders: Elizabeth Finch, Christina L. Williams

How to Build Ethics Into Robust Artificial Intelligence
Team Leaders: Vincent Conitzer, Jana Schaich Borg, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

Interventions Improving Neurosurgery Patient Outcomes in Uganda
Team Leaders: Michael Haglund, Emily Rose Smith, Tony Fuller

Oculomotor Response as an Objective Assessment for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in the Pediatric Population
Team Leaders: Dale Bass, Jason Luck, Bruce Capehart, Adam Mehlenbacher, Carrie Muh

Patients' Journey to Medication Adherence
Team Leaders: Hayden Bosworth, Cheryl Lin, Pikuei Tu, Leah Zullig

Privacy, Consumer EEG Devices, and the Brain
Team Leader: Nita Farahany

Stemming the Opiate Epidemic Through Education and Outreach
Team Leaders: Andrew Muzyk, Nicole Schramm-Sapyta

Using Team Learning to Generate Clinical Prediction Rules for Clinical Outcomes in Schizophrenia
Team Leaders: Katherine Heller, Gopalkumar Rakesh, Joseph Futoma

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