Annual Neuroscience Bootcamp

2019 Neuroscience Bootcamp Participants

Neuroscience Bootcamp is a two-week immersive lecture, discussion, and laboratory course for graduate students in the Neurobiology Graduate Program and the Cognitive Neuroscience Admitting Program. The program, held at the beginning of the academic year, is offered through the Department of Neurobiology with support from DIBS. It is also open to graduate students in allied programs.

The program provides a common knowledge base of neuroscience fundamentals, hands-on experience with techniques commonly used to explore cellular/molecular, circuits, systems, and cognitive neuroscience, and an introduction to a wide variety of Duke faculty and available resources to ensure a successful graduate career.

The 2019 Neuroscience Boot Camp had 20 participants, from CNAP, Neurobiology, Psychology & Neuroscience, and Systems & Integrative Neuroscience.