DIBS Graduate Student Consortium

Student presentingThe DIBS Graduate Student Consortium is composed of a broad coalition of graduate students from departments and programs across Duke that are related to neuroscience. The mission of the Consortium is to unite graduate students who study the brain and behavior in various disciplines to share academic ideas, grow together professionally and personally, engage in outreach to spread awareness of neuroscience, and also socialize and have a little fun in the process.

Graduate students also are invited to attend one of the Postdoctoral Consortium seminar series, Works-in-Progress, where postdoctoral fellows can share work at any stage-- from brainstorming to troubleshooting to celebration—in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

Recent Graduate Student Consortium activities can be found here.

Leadership Committee

The Consortium is headed by a Leadership Committee who meet once a month to plan and organize events in pursuit of this mission, including academic, professional development (both in and outside academia), personal wellness, outreach, science communication, and social events.

Get Involved!

We’d love for you to get involved in planning and organizing the events that YOU want see! Please email meredith.schmehl@duke.edu to connect with us. We also have an email list with more than 225 students from across DIBS that we use to publicize our events and outreach opportunities.

Click HERE to join our mailing list; click HERE for our Google events calendar.