Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

DIBS works closely with the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience, which administers the undergraduate Neuroscience program of study. Degrees offered include:

In addition, DIBS also administers programs that connect directly to Neuroscience undergrads:

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Undergrad Student-Athlete Studied Brain Injuries

Sarah Rapaport (T’18, Neuroscience)

As an athlete at Duke, Sarah Rapaport (T’18, Neuroscience) knew she was one serious injury away from being sidelined. She became a Neuroscience major, in part, because she understands that brain injuries among athletes are often among the most difficult and complex to treat. Sarah’s interest in brain injuries led her to DIBS through the Bass Connections Brain & Society Theme.

Bradley Kolls, MD, PhD

Bradley Kolls, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology at the Duke School of Medicine,  served as Rappaport’s mentor. The Kolls Lab, part of Duke’s Brain Injury Translational Research Center, studies the central nervous system's complex response to injury. Their ultimate goal is to develop new therapies for patients with brain injuries.

Both Rappaport and Kolls found the experience worthwhile. “I studied neuroscience at Duke because of an interest in brain injuries. The opportunity to work in a brain injury lab and apply neuroscience in a real world setting has been incredibly rewarding and will prepare me well for future careers,” Rappaport said. For Kolls, working with undergrads, brings, “...an excitement and enthusiasm to the lab and it provides an opportunity to help others make decisions about their future and then reach those goals.”