Duke researchers are experts in the full range of neuroscience inquiry, from understanding basic mechanisms to the application of brain sciences, from addressing major public health challenges to collaborations involving the arts and humanities. DIBS provides many opportunities for those interested in the brain to connect to each other.

research colleagues having a discussion in the DIBS Cube
In-Person Networks

What makes DIBS special is our ability to bring people together—to provide opportunities to connect in person. We do that through logistical and financial support for many activities, both within the DIBS Cube and at other campus locations.

Researcher looking at a microscope
Research Seed-Grant Funding

DIBS supports two seed-grant funding programs: Research Incubator Awards and Research Germinator Awards. These high-risk/high-return funding mechanisms provide funding for research that is exploratory and therefore not yet ready for external funding.

Outreach event
Interdisciplinary Research Centers & Groups

DIBS supports a number of research communities united by interest areas within the brain sciences. Our five Research Centers and four Research Groups promote research, education, and outreach addressing both fundamental and translational issues.

research talk
Multidisciplinary Symposia

DIBS hosts an annual DIBS Distinguished Lecture & Symposium, as well as participates in a number of other interdisciplinary symposia.

DIBS Engagement & Outreach Stories