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Basics of Copyright, Data and Software Intellectual Property


Director of Physical Sciences & Digital Innovations and Corporate Alliances Daniel Dardani, CLP

It has been said that content is king. Copyrighted works - whether writings, art, software, or media - are a major portion of the world's creative, intellectual, and economic output. Interestingly, copyright issues are all around us, at all times, affecting artists, authors, software programmers, content creators and users alike. ‎ Join intellectual property expert, Daniel Dardani, former MIT Technology Licensing Officer now Director of Physical Sciences and Digital Innovations Licensing and Corporate Alliances at Duke University, for an overview of copyright law with considerations of its history and relevance to the world of intellectual property. Daniel will explore topics including: the nature of originality, fair use, open source, licensing copyrights and data in the digital age, and more. ‎ Be sure to tune in to this popular talk for a fun and fascinating look at the protection of your creative works whether developed at Duke, MIT, or elsewhere. ‎ Featuring: Daniel Dardani, CLP, Director of Physical Sciences & Digital Innovations and Corporate Alliances, Office for Translation & Commercialization and Office for External Partnerships ‎ For more information and to register, please visit ‎ Online talk part of Duke Research & Innovation Week 2023. Learn more at


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