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CABC Seminar: "The Struggle Is Real: The Role of Insular Cortex Circuitry in Stress Response and Alcohol Abstinence"


Samuel Centanni, PhD (Wake Forest University)

Neurobiology of stress and alcohol use disorder Stress and negative emotional states are often cited as one of the major factors in initiating a substance use disorder. These same feelings can drive cravings and relapse in recovering individuals, highlighting the gripping relationship between addiction and negative affect. What are the brain circuits regulating affective behavior and how does dysfunction in these circuits drive relapse? The overall aim of the Centanni Lab is to address these questions by taking an innovative, unbiased approach to delineate the complex neuronal control networks governing negative affect associated with stress and alcohol use disorder (AUD).


Lecture/Talk, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Panel/Seminar/Colloquium, Research