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“Dude, Where’s My Car”: Alcohol and the Adolescent Brain


Scott Swartzwelder, Ph.D., Duke University

Adolescence is a critical period for cognitive, affective, and social maturation that is accompanied by multiple changes in neural function and architecture. These processes contribute to neurobehavioral changes that are crucial for successful adult function. Because alcohol affects these processes, it is not surprising that repeated adolescent ethanol exposure produces deficits in neural function and behavior that persist into adulthood and possibly throughout the lifespan. Our laboratory is dedicated to identifying those deficits, their mechanisms, and approaches to preventing or reversing them. This presentation will provide an overview of our behavioral neuroscience studies related to the distinctive effects of alcohol on the adolescent brain and behavior, with particular attention to the enduring effects of such exposure and their possible mechanisms and remediation. C-StARR will present the talk in a hybrid format, and attendees will have to opportunity to select in-person or virtual attendance. Attendees interested in attending virtually will receive Zoom log-in information following registration. Register here:


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