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International Conference on FOXP1 Syndrome

FOXP1 Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder with significant impacts on neurodevelopment, particularly on speech and language development. FOXP1 is amongst the most common genes associated with an autism diagnosis. FOXP1 has many other significant associated conditions, including developmental delay, oromotor dysfunction, repetitive behavior and ADHD, anxiety disorder, motor dysfunction, ophthalmologic issues, cardiac abnormalities, feeding and gastrointestinal issues, sleeping disorders, hypertonia, genital anomalies, hearing loss, and epilepsy. Throughout the world, different research groups have begun to study the impacts of FOXP1 mutation on the nervous and other systems and create animal and cell models of FOXP1 Syndrome. Meanwhile, clinicians have begun to document patients, common symptoms, and evolution of the condition over time. Gene therapy approaches have been explored for similar neurodevelopmental disorders, but not yet for FOXP1. With understanding of FOXP1 Syndrome increasing, and prospects for treatment of neurodevelopmental conditions growing, the time is ripe for a research symposium to present and document the state of knowledge, and foster future collaborations. Our goal in hosting this conference is to create a trusted environment in which experts share their research and clinical experiences, make connections with others working in the field, and embark on new collaborations. Patient and family perspectives will also be presented at the conference. There are currently no available therapies for FOXP1 Syndrome. This conference has the aim of fostering research to accelerate the development of therapies to help FOXP1 families.