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Moral AI and How We Get There - A Book Talk with the Authors and a Panel of Duke Experts


Jana Schaich Borg, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Lee Tiedrich, Vincent Conitzer, Ben Eva, Thomas Hofweber, Cynthia Rudin

Join Science & Society in celebrating the release of Moral AI And How We Get There, written by Jana Schaich Borg, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, and Vincent Conitzer. In recognition of this release, the authors will be hosting an hour-long panel where panelists will comment, criticize, or ask questions about any part of the book while the authors dive deep into the material.

Our expert panelists include:

Ben Eva with the Duke's Department of Philosophy
Thomas Hofweber with the UNC's Department of Philosophy
Cynthia Rudin with Duke's Department of Computer Science
Lee Tiedrich with Duke's Pratt School of Engineering
Following the panel, join us for a catered reception with the authors and panelists.

In Moral AI, world-renowned researchers in moral psychology, philosophy, and artificial intelligence - Jana Schaich Borg, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Vincent Conitzer - tackle these thorny issues head-on. Writing lucidly and calmly, they lay out the recent advances in this still nascent field, peeling away the exaggeration and misleading arguments. Instead, they offer clear examinations of the moral concerns at the heart of AI programs, from racial equity to personal privacy, fake news to autonomous weaponry. Ultimately, they argue that artificial intelligence can be built and used safely and ethically, but that its potential cannot be achieved without careful reflection on the values we wish to imbue it with. This is an essential primer for any thinking person


Civic Engagement/Social Action, Diversity/Inclusion, Engineering, Ethics, Human Rights, Law, Politics, Research, Social Sciences, Teaching & Classroom Learning, Technology