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Neurobiology EDI Seminar: D'Anne Duncan: Enacting Change Through Cultivation of Graduate Student Activism and Engagement with Social Justice


D'Anne Duncan

This talk will focus on the critical importance and value of centering graduate student advocacy and activism to create institutional change by fostering relationships between graduate students, faculty, and campus administrators. As a result of the increased focus on social justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion, it is critical that institutions offer educational opportunities that promote graduate students' interests in social justice and complement scientific training. Participants will learn about: a) transformative justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion curriculum that supports the development and training of graduate students in biomedical sciences and b) key strategies to engage graduate students in leadership and justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion values and principles to enact sustainable equitable and inclusive change in scientific and academic communities.


Diversity/Inclusion, Lecture/Talk, Panel/Seminar/Colloquium, Research