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Neurobiology Invited Seminar: Genetic Factors & Long Range Circuit Dynamics Underlying Memory Processing


Priya Rajasethupathy, hosted by Rebecca Yang

Neurobiology welcomes Priya Rajasethupathy, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Rockefeller University, leading the Laboratory of Neural Dynamics and Cognition. Dr. Rajasethupathy will present "Genetic Factors & Long Range Circuit Dynamics Underlying Memory Processing" LIVE in 103 Bryan and her seminar includes a Zoom simulcast. Email for the link. ABSTRACT: How do fleeting molecules and dynamic neural codes enable the conversion of transient stimuli into lasting internal representations? And are there unique strategies to achieve memory on different time scales. Our lab addresses these questions by bridging functional genomics with systems neuroscience to provide cross-disciplinary insights. On one hand, we perform genetic mapping in outbred mice for unbiased discovery of genes, cell types, and circuits relevant for memory across different time scales. In parallel, we develop and apply methodologies to record and manipulate high resolution neural activity from these relevant circuits in the behaving animal. In today's talk, I will discuss how these approaches have led to new insights into the genetic contributions and long-range circuit dynamics that facilitate both short- and long- term memory


Lecture/Talk, Research