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Postponed: Adult neurogenesis in human olfactory epithelium: implications for managing olfactory sensory losses


Bradley Goldstein, MD, PhD

A surgeon-scientist, Dr. Goldstein focuses his clinical work on rhinology and sinus surgery with an interest on olfactory loss. His basic research program is broadly focused on understanding damage and repair in the peripheral olfactory system, using cell culture and mouse models as well as human tissue and single-cell techniques. Current projects seek to identify aging-related changes in human olfactory mucosa; to understand how certain epigenetic complexes regulate adult olfactory neurogenesis; and (more recently) to identify how the novel coronavirus may cause prolonged olfactory dysfunction, in collaborations with Drs. Matsunami, Moseman and Heaton. There is a significant unmet need for effective therapies for anosmia, and the long term goal of these projects is to identify new treatment strategies.


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