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Ruth K. Broad Seminar: David Holtzman: Role of APOE and the immune response in tau-mediated neurodegeneration


David M. Holtzman, hosted by Jim McNamara

Dr. Holtzman is currently Professor of Neurology, scientific director of the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders, and Associate Director of the Knight ADRC. Some of his lab's accomplishments include showing in part how APOE contributes to AD, development of biomarkers for AD, demonstration that synaptic activity and sleep affect Aβ and tau levels in vivo, describing the effects of APOE, TREM2, and microglia on tau-mediated neurodegeneration, and development of an anti-Aβ antibody in a phase III secondary prevention trial for AD (A4) and an anti-ApoE antibody being developed for human trials.


Lecture/Talk, Research