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Ruth K. Broad Seminar on Neurobiology and Disease


Nelson Spruston, hosted by Court Hull

Duke Neurobiology welcomes Nelson Spruston, Ph.D., Senior Director of Scientific Programs at HHMI's Janelia Research Campus. Dr. Spruston will present "Neurophysiological mechanisms of memory guided behavior" LIVE in Bryan Research 103 with a Zoom simulcast. Email for details. ABSTRACT: Mammals use a sophisticated, multi-regional memory system to guide behavior. A major goal of neuroscience is to understand the mechanisms - ranging from molecular to cellular to systems - that make this possible. Spruston will describe recent results from his lab using mouse behavior, patch-clamp recording, imaging, and RNA-seq, which collectively seek to elucidate how a diverse and complex population of neurons in the hippocampus allow mice to perform sophisticated memory guided behaviors.


Lecture/Talk, Research