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A Storyteller’s Approach to Teaching


Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard

Join us on Friday, February 25 from 3 - 4 pm for a talk with Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard. Modern teachers are encouraged to think of lecturing as antiquated and ineffectual, but lectures can be a timeless pedagogical tool that need not be passive, boring, or ineffective. By invoking principles of effective storytelling, lectures can invite students on a journey through the concepts that requires them to engage, empathize, analyze, and reason critically. This talk will include concrete ways to use stories as an organizing framework for lessons, including storytelling examples and performance strategies for making classroom stories more vivid and compelling. This hybrid talk will take place in Rueben-Cooke 126 & via Zoom. (Meeting ID: 961 9609 2667/ Passcode: 277146)


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