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Sep 2

Elika Bergelson, Duke University

Predicting Word Learning from Infants' Home Environment
Sep 6

Scott Moore, Duke University

Center on Addiction and Behavior Change Seminar Series
Sep 7

Paul Modrich, Ph.D., Duke University, 2015 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Nobel Laureate Lecture: Mechanisms in DNA Mismatch Repair
Sep 8

Lee Miller, Northwestern University

Reverse Engineering Somatosensation: Development of a Biomimetic Neuroprosthesis to Restore Proprioception
Sep 9

GASTRoNAUTS: A Symposium on Gut-brain Matters

Biennial DIBS Symposium
Sep 14

Duke's 2016 Fall Career Fair

Join employers from business, technology, education, nonprofit, government, & more.

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