CABC Symposium

Altered States of Cannabis Regulation: Informing Policy with Science

CABC Symposium 2019

Wednesday April 17 8:30 - 3:00PM

B035 DIBS "Cube", LSRC, West Campus

About This Event:

CABC Annual Spring Symposium--Registration is open! For more information, please click HERE

Lunch is provided!

 Speakers: Thomas Marcotte, University of California, San Diego; Henrietta Szutorisz, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; Sherika Hill, Edward Levin, and Susan Murphy, Duke; Charles Easley IV, University of Georgia; Madalyn Meier, Arizona State University; Beau Kilmer, RAND Corp. The event is free but registration is required


                            Trina , 919-668-2512


  • Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
  • Center on Addiction and Behavior Change
  • Duke CIPHERS (Cannabis-Induced Potential heritability of Epigenetic Revisions in Sperm)
  • John Templeton Foundation

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