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About This Event:

Women in Science and Business (WISB) strives to create a community for professional development in which we can discuss the benefits, challenges, and skills required of being a woman in academia. There is a leaky pipeline in academia wherein women earn more than 50% of associate, bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees but hold only 31% of full faculty positions and face a consistent pay gap. Our purpose is to support professional development through education and productive dialogue about these issues. 

At each meeting we discuss a book; most of the books focus on being a women in the workforce, with a particular focus on thriving in the fields of science and/or business. Topics we’ve discussed thus far include negotiating, “sitting at the table” (being the only woman in the room), imposter syndrome, and effective communication as a woman. We are particularly focused on discussing these issues with women at all levels of training (lab managers, research assistants, graduate students, post-docs, junior faculty) with the aim that building confidence and key professional skills early in our careers will benefit not only ourselves, but our mentors and mentees as well. While the group is aimed at women, we welcome all genders to the discussion.

The March 24, 2017 meeting will be discussing the book Bad Feminist.


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  • Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Department of Neurobiology
  • Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

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