How Is Telemedicine Being Used in Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorder Treatment?

Haiden Huskamp, PhD. 30th Anniversary Professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School

Haiden Huskamp

Thursday November 8 9:00 - 10:00AM

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Imperial Building, 215 Morris Street, 2nd Floor

About This Event:

Dr. Huskamp will discuss findings from a research study using commercial insurance claims from 2010-2017 to understand how telemedicine is being used in the treatment of opioid and other substance use disorders. Dr. Huskamp will discuss: - The rate of use of tele-SUD in a large commercially-insured population. - The characteristics of individuals who use tele-SUD. - How tele-SUD is used in conjunction with in-person SUD care - The types of clinicians delivering tele-SUD in this population. Join by Webex:


  • School of Medicine (SOM)
  • Population Health Sciences

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