Mind, Art, Artifact: A Workshop with Lambros Malafouris

Lambros Malafouris

Mind, art, artifact

Friday November 9 3:00 - 4:15PM

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About This Event:

Dr. Lambros Malafouris, a visiting scholar from Keble College at the University of Oxford, will present on "Art and Material Engagement: Towards a Process Archaeology of Mind. The aim his paper is to propose a theory of material engagement. Specifically, he will attempt a comparative exploration into the deep history and ontology of mind focusing on aesthetic experience. Using various archaeological examples he will present the view of aesthetics as a situated process of enactive discovery and creative material engagement. On that view aesthetic experience is something that we do rather than something that happens to us, or in us. Rather than identifying aesthetic consciousness with its objects or use it to define and delimit some pure, detached, and autonomous realm of aesthetic contemplation, the approach taken here aims to ground aesthetic experience into the manifold interfaces of embodied material praxis in way that highlights the vitality of matter and primacy of material engagement." ***Dr. Malafouris will also hold office hours from 1-2 pm in 112 Languages for faculty or students who would like to drop in to speak with him.*** This event is rescheduled from September, when it was cancelled due to Hurricane Florence.


  • Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI)
  • Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS)
  • Health Humanities Lab (HHL)

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