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Mar 27

Erin Davisson, Ph.D., Duke University; CABC Seminar Series

Self-Regulation and Risk in Early Adolescence
Mar 29

Douglas Rushkoff; 2019 Huang Fellows Symposium

Science & Soc(ai)ty: How AI Will Change the World
Mar 29

Denise Head, Washington University St. Louis; CCN Colloquium Series

Effects of Healthy Aging and Alzheimer's Disease on Spatial Navigation Skills
Apr 1

Theater Delta; Inclusion & Power Dynamics Series

Becoming an Effective Ally (for Duke students, staff, & trainees)
Apr 2


Dr. Michel Nuenlist
Apr 3

Kati Healey, Ph.D., Duke University; CABC Seminar Series

The Long Hangover: Adolescent Intermittent Alcohol's Enduring Effects on Neural Inflammatory Mediators

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