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Oct 24

Jane Gagliardi, MD; Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds 2019-2020

Morbidity and Mortality
Oct 25

Sarah Heilbronner, University of Minnesota; CCN Colloquium Series

Translational Neuroscience Needs Connectomics
Oct 30

Lynn T. Kozlowski, PhD, University at Buffalo; CABC Seminar Series

Younger individuals and their human right to harm reduction information should be considered in determining ethically appropriate public health actions
Oct 31

Alison Clay, MD; Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds 2019-2020

Delirium: Dreams, Distress, and Deterrents
Oct 31

Brian Litt, MD; Duke Seminars in Neural Engineering

Engineering Therapies for Epilepsy
Nov 1

CNAP Students; CCN Colloquium Series


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