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Nov 22

Greg Hickok, University of California, Irvine; CCN Colloquium Series

Neuro-Architectural Homologies for Language in the Human and Non-Human Primate Brain
Dec 4

Qiang Li, MD, PhD, Duke University; CABC Seminar Series

Ethanol and inhibitory synaptic function in the Central nucleus of the amygdala in mice
Dec 5

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds 2019-2020

To be announced
Dec 6

CNAP Students; CCN Colloquium Series

Dec 12

Jane Gagliardi, MD; Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds 2019-2020

Promoting Professionalism: Hindsight is 20/20: Reflections on Inequities, Burnout, and Professionalism
Dec 18

Gregory Cogan; CANBLS Monthly Seminar


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