A statement of solidarity from DIBS

As a community of neuroscientists, we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a just and essential foundation for the advancement of our science and our society. We value the scientific, administrative, and social contributions of every member of our community. 

We stand in solidarity with persons of color and denounce unjust and inhumane acts of violence. 

We will take the lead in educating ourselves, our students and trainees, and others, to address these patterns in our own communities.

We will support research into brain science that aims to shed light on new strategies for mitigating bias in all its forms. We will disseminate discovery and awareness of bias to minimize the barriers of defensiveness.

We will take action to increase diverse representation and participation in our dialogues, dispel misrepresentations, and counter dehumanization of our Black community members and other marginalized groups. 

We will acknowledge, decry, and take action to remedy all forms of racism, discrimination, and bias in our institutions, communities, and society. We will lend our support to communities, public health agencies, and municipal governments seeking to end systemic inequities and racism.  


Photo courtesy of Duke University Hospital.

Duke University Community Commitment

Because diversity is essential to fulfilling the university’s mission, Duke is committed to building an inclusive and diverse university community.  Every student, faculty, and staff member —whatever their race, gender, age, ethnicity, cultural heritage or nationality; religious or political beliefs; sexual orientation or gender identity; or socioeconomic, veteran or ability status—has the right to inclusion, respect, agency and voice in the Duke community.  Further, all members of the University community have a responsibility to uphold these values and actively foster full participation in university life.

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