Picture of Cerebellum in 3D

Duke Study Identifies Different Model of Cerebellar Learning

Humans often learn motor skills through a process of trial and error, with mistakes leading to negative consequences that teach us to avoid future errors. But what if NOT making a mistake in the first place also helps us learn those skills?

Picture of microglial cells before, during inflammation, and after vagus nerve stimulation

Nerve Stimulation May Reduce Post-op Delirium

From DukeHealth: For adults over age 65, surgical complications can dampen not only their physical health but also their mental sharpness, with more than half of high-risk cases declining into delirium. In research published Oct.

Picture of Staci Bilbo

Staci Bilbo to Return to Duke in 2019

Professor Staci Bilbo will be returning to Duke as the Haley Family Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, in conjunction with the Bass Connections Brain & Society theme, on July 1, 2019. Previously she was the Lurie Family Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience at Har

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