6th Edition of Seminal Neuroscience Textbook Published

December 6, 2017

Co-written, Co-edited by DIBS, Other Current & Former Duke Faculty

Picture of Neuroscience Textbook

New Edition of Neuroscience Textbook

The 6th edition of the seminal textbook, Neuroscience, has just been published and is now available in print and electronic versions. This comprehensive textbook covers the field for which it is named, from cellular signaling to cognitive function. The new edition contains the largest update to the book since its first edition in 1997. The book includes the companion digital atlas of the human central nervous system, “Sylvius.” Free access to the atlas is available to all Duke students, staff, and faculty.

Neuroscience 6th edition was co-written and co-edited by DIBS Faculty Network members Dale Purves, MD, William Hall, PhD, Richard Mooney, PhD, and Leonard White, PhD, as well as former and emeritus Duke faculty George Augustine, PhD, David Fitzpatrick, PhD, Anthony-Samuel LaMantia, PhD, and Michael Platt, PhD. Read more about the book or order a copy here.






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