April 10: Tackling the Final Few: Bringing Light Smokers to Cessation

February 22, 2018

Center on Addiction & Behavior Change Presents 2018 Symposium

Picture of cigarette with long ash

Smoking just one cigarette a day increases risk of heart disease, stroke; no 'safe' level for smoking

Over the past 25 years, the number of cigarettes smoked per day has declined significantly. Tobacco smoking cessation interventions have focused principally on alleviating withdrawal symptoms of moderate to heavy smokers. New policies now restrict where people can smoke and new taxes have raised cigarette prices. The result: increased number of “light” smokers, who don’t show withdrawal effects yet remain at risk for the significant negative health effects associated with smoking. New approaches such as reducing the impact of conditioned cues are needed to help light smokers tackle the final few cigarettes and successfully quit. This symposium is directed at achieving this goal.

Co-sponsors: Center for Addiction and Behavior Change, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, Duke Cancer Institute

Program & Registration

The symposium is free but registration is requested. Program information appears below & on the registration form.


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