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DIBS Awarded Grant to Support Student Neuroscience Research Opportunities, Mentoring

Funds will help support mentor training for graduate students involved in DIBS research internship programs

The Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS) is proud to announce that its paid research experiences, the Duke University Neuroscience Experience (DUNE) and Cognitive Neuroscience Research Internship (CNRI) programs, have been awarded a Professional Development Grant for 2024.

The new funding from the Graduate School, one of nine awards for up to $2,000 per recipient, will bolster DIBS's efforts in providing comprehensive mentorship training for graduate students involved in CNRI and DUNE. This includes developing skills in areas such as conflict resolution, communication, organization, time management, and leadership, crucial for both personal and professional growth.

Since their inception, DUNE and CNRI have been instrumental in fostering a diverse and inclusive neuroscience learning opportunity for high school students and Duke undergraduates, particularly those without prior research experience. These programs, inspired and led by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, aim to serve the community as well as offer significant professional development opportunities for the neuroscience graduate student body.

Read the full announcement from the Graduate School here, and the full abstract of each awarded project for 2024 here.