DIBS Faculty Network Members Address Human-AI Issues

Sinott-Armstrong, Farahany at Congressional Briefing

Monday, February 18, 2019

Duke in D.C. hosted a Congressional Briefing Feb. 15 to discuss the implications of artificial intelligence. Presenters included DIBS Faculty Network Members Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and Kenan Institute for Ethics, and Nita Farahany, Law, and Vincent Conitzer, Computer Science. Duke in DC tweeted throughout the event, including the following:

  • Short-term concerns about AI include technologically driven unemployment, autonomous weapons systems, large-scale societal manipulation or monitoring, and legal issues surrounding autonomous vehicle accident
  • Do we really want autonomous lethal weapons? What are the ethical implications? (Sinnott-Armstrong)
  • Whatever our ethical determinations are will be quite different from other countries and cultures. There aren’t universal answers to many questions. (Farahany)
  • Asked what areas they are most excited for regarding positive impacts of A.I. the panelists agree and provide the most immediate and broad chances for good.

Thanks to Duke in DC for organizing and covering this event! You can follow that office on Twitter, @DukeinDC