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DIBS Faculty Network Members Address Human-AI Issues

Sinott-Armstrong, Farahany at Congressional Briefing

Duke in D.C. hosted a Congressional Briefing Feb. 15 to discuss the implications of artificial intelligence. Presenters included DIBS Faculty Network Members Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and Kenan Institute for Ethics, and Nita Farahany, Law, and Vincent Conitzer, Computer Science. Duke in DC tweeted throughout the event, including the following:

  • Short-term concerns about AI include technologically driven unemployment, autonomous weapons systems, large-scale societal manipulation or monitoring, and legal issues surrounding autonomous vehicle accident
  • Do we really want autonomous lethal weapons? What are the ethical implications? (Sinnott-Armstrong)
  • Whatever our ethical determinations are will be quite different from other countries and cultures. There aren’t universal answers to many questions. (Farahany)
  • Asked what areas they are most excited for regarding positive impacts of A.I. the panelists agree #heath and #diagnosis provide the most immediate and broad chances for good.

Thanks to Duke in DC for organizing and covering this event! You can follow that office on Twitter, @DukeinDC


Duke @ DC Presentation