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Eye Moves Yield Clues to Fiscal Philosophy

Research may help improve consumer financial literacy

The eyes DO have it--at least, they indicate who is more likely to have a bigger nest egg, according to research co-led by DIBS Faculty Network Member Scott Huettel, PhD, Psychology, and Neurobiology Graduate Student Dianna Amasino. Other authors are Postdoctoral Associate Nicolette Sullivan, PhD, Psychology, and Rachel Kranton, James B. Duke Professor of Economics. The study appeared online Feb. 25. in Nature Human Behaviour. For more information on this fascinating study, which ultimately may help identify ways to improve consumers' ability to save money, click HERE for the full story in Duke Today. 

CITATION: “Amount and Time Exert Independent Influences on Intertemporal Choice,” by Dianna Amasino, Nicolette Sullivan, Rachel Kranton and Scott Huettel. February 2019, Nature Human Behaviour.