Felipe DeBrigard Discusses Intersection of Philosophy, Neuroscience

DIBS Faculty Network, CCN member interviewed by Franklin Humanities Institute

Friday, October 23, 2020
Picture of Dr. De Brigard

Felipe De Brigard, PhD, Philosophy, was always interested in psychology and neuroscience and philosophy, and he majored in both as an undergraduate. But it took a while to find the best academic route to combine his research interests. Today, he studies memory and cognitive processes. He was recently interviewed as part of a new series from Duke's John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, "Meet Your Humanities Faculty."

As he noted in the interview, "One interaction I’m interested in is how memory both constrains and guides imagination. We tend to distinguish memory and imagination, but there’s quite a bit of evidence that shows they're highly interactive. I want to know to what extent they interact, and how? This back-and-forth has been guiding my research for a long time." Read the interview HERE.