March 23: Deadline for 'GLIACAMP' Abstracts

March 8, 2018

Trainees encouraged to present poster or give talk at April 18 retreat

Illustration of Glia

Illustration of glia, courtesy of National Institute on Aging

March 23 is the deadline for abstract proposals for the Spring Retreat for the DIBS Neuroimmunology and Glia Group. The short talks will be selected by the committee from the submitted abstracts. This year there will be winner and runner-up prizes for best student poster, best postdoc poster, and best trainee talk. Please email your abstract as a Word document file to Francesco Paolo Ulloa Severino at francescopaolo.ulloa.severino@duke.edu

 The April 18 day-long retreat, known as "GLIACAMP," is free but registration is required. 

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