Neuroscience Majors Share 2020 Outstanding Thesis Award

Mentored by DIBS Faculty Calakos, Chiba-Falek

Friday, May 15, 2020
Picture of Shroff, Chen
Shroff, left, and Chen shared Duke’s 2020 'Outstanding Senior Thesis in Neuroscience' award

Two Neuroscience undergraduate students working in labs in the Duke Neurology Department and mentored by DIBS Faculty Network Members were joint recipients of Duke’s 2020 “Outstanding Senior Thesis in Neuroscience” award. Kunal Shroff worked in the lab of Nicole Calakos, MD, PhD, where he studied the molecular mechanisms underlying DYT1 dystonia. Vivian Chen worked in the lab of Ornit Chiba-Falek, MD, PhD, where she helped examine the genetic processes underpinning Alzheimer’s and other age-related neurodegenerative diseases. Read the story HERE.