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Student Spotlight

Class of 2016

Hometown: Rumson, New Jersey

Current research: Mild traumatic brain injury in the pediatric population.

Dream job: A physician! I am currently considering specializing in surgery and would also like to incorporate global health work into my career. 

Favorite neuroscience course: For anyone considering majoring in neuroscience, I would recommend Neuroscience 101. When I was a freshman, I took the class unsure of what I wanted to study at the time. The class covered many interesting topics and we got to dissect a sheep brain! It made me interested to learn more details about the topics we covered more broadly and it was the first time I got to see a real brain.

Favorite neuroscience fact: Exercise shows many benefits for not only the body but also the brain. Exercise also stimulates brain plasticity and increases cognitive function, including in learning and memory.

What jump-starts my brain: Traveling to new places and exploring different cultures.

Elizabeth Ginalis