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Student Spotlight

Class of 2017

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Current research: I’m working with Dr. Kafui Dzirasa, whose lab focuses on the ways genetic variants can interact with environmental stressors and drugs of abuse to produce psychiatric disease.

My thoughts on neuroscience education: I’ve really enjoyed the flexibility that the neuroscience program offers. There is a plethora of ways in which the study of neuroscience can be approached, and I think the breadth and depth of Duke’s neuroscience courses truly reflect that, allowing students to refine their ability to engage in scientific inquiry along multiple units of analysis.

What jump-starts my brain: I was initially drawn to neuroscience because I knew that I could never have all the answers, so I knew I could never be bored while studying the brain. What fascinates me most about neuroscience is its ability to answer translational questions. I believe that science should always be conducted in the service of society, and neuroscience allows us to address scientific questions that can directly advance human health and well-being.

Chuma Eruchalu picture