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Student Spotlight

Class of 2016

Hometown: Hainesport, New Jersey

Current research: I work in the brain tumor center in the hospital, which has been very rewarding. I can tie what I'm learning in class to my passion for medicine in the clinical setting. 

Dream job: Adult nurse practitioner in neuro-oncology while training for triathlons and being a super mom.

Favorite neuroscience class: Neuroanatomy with Dr. Len White. This class was different than others becasue it looked at the bigger picture, rather than the small molecular scale of most neuroscience classes. The hands-on experience with brains in the lab, along with team-based learning, was instrumental in my understanding of the brain. 

My thoughts on neuroscience: I am fascinated by the intricacy of the brain, specifically the cerebellum. The processes in the brain are so beautifully designed. It's crazy to think that such tissue gives rise to our human nature. Another aspect I find fascinating is the decussation, or crossing over, of the fibers in the motor pathway, which are responsible for the contralateral hand-brain dominance. 

What jump-starts my brain: Giving hope to those who need it most makes my brain light up. I've realized that making another person smile is most fulfilling. 

Holly Bischof picture