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Student Spotlight

Class of 2016

Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey

Current research: As a documentary storyteller, I apply neuroscience insights about emotion, memory, and communication to my artistic decisions. I am developing a documentary about mental health narratives and hope to research their role in therapy and higher education policy.

My thoughts on neuroscience education: Naturally, most courses are currently focused on preparing researchers or medical students. However, the study of the brain can inform every discipline, so I believe neuroscience students would benefit from learning how to connect brain research to emerging questions in criminal law, communication, and digital education (how does technology influence learning?).

What jump-starts my brain: I love to ponder new applications and wrestle with their moral implications. For example, what can neuroscience reveal about the influence of media (news, gaming, films) on moral attitudes and judgments? 

Chrislyn Choo